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Grundtvig In-Service Training in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal – In April, one of VOW Media’s team members attended¬†a training course supported by¬†Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme. The course, organized by Associa√ß√£o Spin, was¬†based on the belief that photography is a powerful media, able to transmit messages, change minds and attitudes.¬†The main aim of this training course was to provide its participants with the possibility to use photography as an instrument to communicate and foster multiculturalism and as a tool to change people‚Äôs awareness of other cultures and promote intercultural dialogue.

During a week, participants developed not only their technical and theoretical knowledge on photography, but also learned new ways to integrate other cultures and where able to connect this two subjects to raise awareness and convey a message on multiculturalism using just images.

One of the outputs of this project was a authorial project developed by the participants, which can be found HERE.

Joint Statement for the One Billion Rising for Justice ‚Äď Hong Kong

Justice for Erwiana and All Migrant Domestic Workers

We dance, we rise and we call for justice.

Women of Hong Kong unite for the One Billion Rising to call for justice for Erwiana Sulityangsih and for all migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong.

The world was shocked with the pictures of Erwiana ‚Äď wounded, battered, bruised and abused. Thousands have protested and have been continuing to exert pressure on the Indonesian and Hong Kong authorities to ensure that Erwiana gets justice as well as the support and compensation she deserves.

Erwiana is a picture of injustice. Women migrant domestic workers are pictures of injustice that prevails in Hong Kong.

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Advanced Planning Visit for ‘Displaced’ Youth Exchange

Amsterdam, Dec – The Advanced Planning Visit (APV) for the ‘Displaced’ Youth Exchange is about to start! Our partnering organizations,¬†Orfeas Youth Organisation from Greece, Asociaci√≥n Juvenil Intercambia from Spain and Support 4 Youth Development from Romania, will each send one youth and one youth leader to the meeting. The aim of the APV is for us to work on the last preparations for the project, which will take place on 7-17 Jan 2014. We will discuss the curriculum, program, expectations and challenges, task division and we will exchange good practices regarding the involvement and active participation of youth in the project.

The youth exchange aims at providing young first or second-generation young migrant women living in the Netherlands, Romania, Greece and Spain with video and photography tools to allow them to create and tell their own stories, as well as control their own images of representation.

We want to provide a safe and creative space for young migrant women to celebrate their identity and belonging and share them with the world using multimedia.

The youth exchange will consist in photography and video training, energizers, creative games, team building and community building exercises, trips around Amsterdam and a lot of fun

This project is mainly funded by the European Commission’s Youth in Action programme.

Violence is not always visible

We work with women, girls, and trans-women who have experienced unimaginable and unspeakable violence both physical and emotional.  Our projects engage different communities of marginalized women to share personal experiences by telling their stories using various forms of media. The stories we hear are shocking, even more so, when told in passing or an after thought.  During the process, we hear stories firsthand and candidly from young women about being raped by knifepoint, being controlled through emotional abuse, or forced to stay indoors to do housework while their brothers attend school. These forms of violence deteriorate our psyche, our physical well-being and keep us powerless.

How can we work together with these women, girls, and trans-women to take back their power? We listen carefully to what they have to say and recognize the importance of their words. The simple act of speaking even anonymously is cathartic. Through our radio shows, our participants confide to the listener about their fears, dreams, and concerns for their future. ¬†In our most recent radio show, ‚ÄúMeri Kahani Meri Zubaani: My story in my words‚ÄĚ we are listening to girls from the slums in New Delhi who confide in clear voices about the violence they endured by their own family members, in some cases by the hands of their own mothers.

Voices of Women Media hears these stories of violence long after it has happened. These stories are never forgotten by the one who has experienced it. The person inflicting the violence may often forget – through rationalization or justification of their actions, leaving their conscience clear. Telling their stories into a tangible form gives power back to the survivors of violence. She can speak and she can share her narrative through her own control and representation.They are able to become stronger, to fight harder, to see that past behind them and look forward.

To take back this power is to say no to gendered violence. To recognize our strength as women we must share with others what we have endured. Voices of Women Media uses media as a tool to facilitate the healing process and as a form of empowerment. By countering misrepresentation in the mainstream media and presenting alternative viewpoints, we are able to place a personal and humanized perspective of these women from marginalized communities. The more voices we can put out there, the more difficult it will be for policy makers and others with power to ignore what they hear. Voices of Women Media continues to fight for the day when violence against women is no longer acceptable.

This blog post has been written by Vivian Wenli Lin, Voices of Women Media’s co-director, for the campaign Week Without Violence. The campaign was initiated by Atria, the Institute for Gender Equality and Women’s History.

”A Day in Her Life” Screening at the Zsa Zsa Zine queer feminist center!

Amsterdam, Oct 2013 – After joining¬†LaDIYfest Amsterdam, we got invited by a wonderful queer feminist collective, to organize a screening together at Zsa Zsa Zine. If you would like to see ‘A Day in Her Life‘ videos, meet some interesting people and have some home-baked vegan goodies, join us on Saturday, 26th of October, at 15:00. Zsa Zsa Zine, ‘a zine and comic archive center seeking to collect feminist, queer and pic zines and comics,’ is located under Fort van Sjakoo, on Jodenbreestraat 24, Amsterdam.

A bit more about the ‘A Day in Her Life’ projects: In 2010 and 2012, we worked with women and transwomen connected to the sex industry in Amsterdam. The participants created a body of work which includes self-portraits in photography, a radio show about leaving home for a better life, and a series of short videos. The videos ‚Äď directed, shot, and edited by the participants themselves, reflect their hopes, dreams and struggles as they navigate through life. We will screen these videos at the center.

To accompany the screening, we will also have a short discussion about how multimedia training and storytelling can empower communities of women.

Feel free to spread the news. If you’d like to officially confirm your attendance on Facebook, just click here.

Photography workshop at het Wereldhuis!

Amsterdam, Oct 2013 – VOW Media team was yesterday at het Wereldhuis, to facilitate a photography workshop for migrant women. The participants learned the basics of photography and explored self-portraits without showing their faces. If you would like to see some of the photos, check out this Facebook album.

You’d like to read more about our future multimedia projects with migrant women? Check out Displaced and let’s make it happen together!

Photography workshop at the ‘Green Boulevard’ Festival!

Amsterdam, Oct 2013 ‚Äď VOW Media will join the ‚ÄėGreen Boulevard‚Äô street festival in Weesperstraat with a fun photography workshop for migrant women!

Would you like to learn the basics of photography? Would you like to find out how to create a photographic self-portrait without showing your face?

Then join us on Sunday, 13th of Oct, at 13:00 at het Wereldhuis, on Nieuwe Herengracht 20, 1018 DP Amsterdam!

Het Wereldhuis is a centre for information, counseling, education and culture for undocumented migrants ‚Äď people with few rights ‚Äď searching for new perspectives. VOW Media and het Wereldhuis started their collaboration in May, with the photography project ‘Pieces of Home.’

“Breaking the Spell” Screening and Discussion at De Slang

Dear friends of Voices of Women Media,

Join us today for a ‘Breaking the Spell’ screening and discussion at De Slang, on Spuistraat 199, Amsterdam!

Doors open at 19:30, the screening starts at 20:00.

Looking forward to meeting you all there!

VOW Media at the AYVMedia Summit 2013

Two young participants from Displaced Daughters travelled with VOW Media’s co-director to the week long Adobe Youth Voices Summit in Santa Clara. Together with youth and educators from 23 different countries they created an impressive body of multimedia work.

Here is the link to their video:

Pursuit of Happiness

Woman 2 Woman – A workshop for women’s personal development and empowerment

VOW Media’s co-founder and co-director Pooja is currently in Palermo, Sicily attending a ten day CEIPES workshop entitled Woman 2 Woman – A workshop for women’s personal development and empowerment. It is part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Program.

Five components will be discussed on women’s empowerment:
-women’s sense of self-worth;
-their right to have and to determine choices;
-their right to have access to opportunities and resources;
-their right to have the power to control their own lives, both within and outside the home;
-and their ability to influence the direction of social change to create a more just social and economic order, nationally and internationally.

VOW Media Booklets + DVDs available

VOW Media Booklets & DVDs available

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